HillmanPooley Mission Statement:

“Our aim is to provide good quality legal services to the community in Swindon and beyond by offering user friendly legal service at competitive cost and to practice equality and diversity among our staff”

HillmanPooley Solicitors is the product of a merger over twenty years ago between Pooley & Co and Clarke Dale & Buckley, the latter having been part of A. E. Smith & Co which had been established in mid-Victorian times. Currently they operate mainly from their Swindon office at 10 Regent Circus. They will also meet their clients in London by appointment.

Pooley and Co had been established in 1883 as Withy & Co by Alfred Withy who in the 1920s was joined by John Pooley, whose surname has been on the letter heading ever since. It has become, as some of our clients have mentioned, the brand name. Since 1 September 2008 the firm (formerly Pooley Dale & Co) has carried on business under the name ‘Pooleys’.